We are Joan and Núria, and three years ago we created MACO TOURS, an online travel agency, born from the passion for traveling and the desire to do things differently. Although our company still has a short way to go, we have a lot. With 50 years of experience behind us, we have worked all our lives in the world of Tourism and Hospitality. We know from experience that many times customers are just codes or numbers. There is no time to listen to them or ask how they are, or how they are doing. They're just work. Our desire is not to be the biggest, but to have the happiest customers. Our purpose is not just to sell a trip. We want to help you fulfill your dreams, and accompany you along the way. We know how great the excitement is when you decide where you will go on vacation and all the preparation that entails.

We want to accompany you in this process so that everything turns out perfect. We know that things can happen, and that sometimes there are obstacles, but that's why you'll always have us by your side. We want to form a small-big family with our customers and therefore, we will take care of everything, both, the preparation of the trip and that everything goes well once they arrive at their destination. With us there are no queues or waiting. We know that your time is important. This company is our dream, and we want you to be a part of it. We know that starting a business today is risky, and that there is no certainty of how the future will go. But as Paulo Coelho says "Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure". And we are not afraid of it, because things made with love and enthusiasm can never fail.



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